Our Story

Lives were lost, tens of thousands of hearts were broken, and over 19,000 homes were destroyed in the recent California and Hawaii wildfires and debris flows. The extent of these unprecedented natural disasters exposed the dire need for qualified advisors, adjusters, and builders to assist these victims to recover and rebuild.

Finding honest, experienced, and professional service providers after disaster can be a daunting task. Unfortunately for survivors, the road to recovery is difficult. Dishonesty and broken promises mean that many victims of disaster soon become victimized again. It was these challenges that lead Kelly Konzelman and Hector Vizcarra to form Reconstruction and Recovery Advisors, Inc., and assemble a team of expert construction, insurance, and building professionals.

As licensed general contractors and builders, we offer:

  • Expert estimation and valuation services
  • Management of qualified and vetted architects, engineers, designers, and builders

As a team we will quickly move your project through estimation, planning, design, permitting and entitlements, and construction with speed and proficiency.

Don’t take recovery on alone

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our team

Kelly Konzelman


Founded first company, Pro Tech Restoration & Construction


Founded Renewable Builders Inc.
Construction Experience

Repair, restoration, and rebuilding of hundreds of fire damaged residential and commercial properties. He has also obtained the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Law Experience

In addition to his hands-on construction and business expertise, Kelly has served as a designated expert witness, and has testified in many mediations, appraisals, depositions, and trials. Kelly brings a high level of diligence and professionalism into an industry that often lacks those extremely important qualities.

Kelly’s over 37 years of real-world experience makes him uniquely qualified to handle the most complicated property claims and he can help you navigate your project too.

our team

Hector Vizcarra


Started career when he began building new custom homes


Founded VCD CORP, a general contracting and building company

Hector has built new homes and rebuilt or renovated many homes. He is a licensed general contractor. He participated in building a 42-acre commercial building site featuring a 100,000 square foot arena, a 16,000 square foot warehouse, and three 800 square foot apartments. The development of the project included building and improving public streets, sewer, water, gas, electric, and storm drains. In addition to managing construction, he was active in the subdivision process, and the creation of CCR’s for this development.

Civic housing renovation and restoration programs

Hector an expert in dealing with cities, FEMA, FHA, HUD, and the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)

Real estate

Hector is a licensed real estate broker.

With over 35 years of experience in real estate development, new construction, building restoration, land entitlement, permitting, real estate acquisition, and construction management, Hector is ready to work on your project too.

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